TV Box (Lid & Base) - Multiple Sizes

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Ultimate protection for Plasma/LCD screens. Multiple Sizes

Ultimate protection for Plasma/LCD screens. Strong protective box keeps TV upright. Super heavy duty box keeps the TV upright and provides protection during moving. Can also be used to protect precious framed art. Comes in two pieces (Lid & Base) which are both included in the price. Add ons available for extra protection such as screen covers, polystyrene inserts etc (available at additional cost)

Flatscreen TVs, Framed Art.


Size Guide:

Small - 32" - 50" screens

Medium - 50" - 65" screens

***Please contact us (email prior to ordering large and/or extra-large boxes, when flat packed these are extremely large boxes and we will need to confirm availability and additional shipping costs***

Large: 70" - 85" screens

Extra Large: 85"+ 

*Sizes are a guide only and may vary based on your actual screen size, full dimensions listed below, if you have the largest size screen in a bracket you may be safer ordering the size up however you can always contact one of the team to discuss further.

 ***Please also note: we have limited availability on hand and therefore apologise if you experience any delays in receiving this product. If the order is urgent, please contact the team to confirm availability. If we don't have stock of the two-piece options we will endeavour to source an alternative for you.

***All TV Boxes come with 4 protective inserts to keep your TV safe, if you would like additional they are available to purchase as a separate item here

Dimensions (mm)

TV Box Lid Small (1142 x 322 x 764)
TV Box Lid Medium (1542 x 322 x 994)
TV Box Lid Large (1980 x 320 x 1246)
TV Box Lid Extra Large (2422 x 322 x 1496)
TV Box Base Small (1120 x 300 x 300)
TV Box Base Medium (1520 x 300 x 400)
TV Box Base Large (1960 x 300 x 500)
TV Box Base Extra Large (2400 x 300 x 600)

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